How to Send a Tracking Number to PayPal

By Aaron Charles

EBay owns PayPal.
i Handout/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So many different shopping outlets and e-commerce sites incorporate PayPal that there's no quick way to determine how to send a tracking number to PayPal from all these different platforms. Rather, the most direct way to cover all potential needs is to cover how you "send" a tracking number to PayPal by copying the tracking number you receive from your shipping outlet and then plugging it directly into PayPal's shipping platform. To do this, you can access PayPal's Multi-Order Shipping platform.

Access the email message received from your shipping provider and copy the tracking number from there, or write down the tracking number on the paper receipt you received.

Sign in to your PayPal account, and click the "Merchant Services" tab. Click "Manage My Shipments" followed by "Click here to launch the MultiOrder Shipping tool" if it doesn't launch automatically.

Close the dialog box that pops up, and select the order in the listing which you'll attach the tracking number to. If there's no order visible, click "File" from the menu bar and then click "Create New Orders" to make one. Enter all the requested info including order numbers, shipping carrier and "To" and "From" addresses. Click "Save and Close," and select that order from the list.

Click "Edit" from the menu bar, and select "Mark Order as Shipped Via" -- even if you haven't already shipped the package yet. Enter the tracking number, select the shipping carrier from the drop-down menu and click "OK."


Once the tracking number is entered, you can print a shipping label that will contain the number by accessing the "History" tab.