How to Send a Text to a Fax

By Lindsay Zortman

Updated February 10, 2017

You can use your cell phone to send a fax.
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Because many businesses these days are using more technology and offering Internet-based virtual faxing services, fax machines are not used nearly as much as email and cell phones. If you need to communicate with a business or individual who only has a fax machine, it is possible to send a fax straight from your cell phone. Using a cell phone to communicate in this way is not common, but is possible if you follow these steps.

Open the SMS text messaging program on your cell phone. You can find this section of services on your cell phone by scrolling through the main menu. Depending on the type of phone you are using, scroll either up and down or left and right.

Enter the fax number. If you have a regular fax number, enter the entire 10-digit number in the "TO" field of your text messaging system on your phone.

Enter the email fax number if sending to a virtual fax machine. It usually has a fax machine number followed by the @ symbol and the name of the virtual fax company. For example: [email protected]. This information is typed into the "TO" field just as a phone number would be.

Type your fax message. Unlike a typical text message, your message to a fax machine can be as long as necessary and does not have to be restricted to 360 characters.

Press enter. To send your fax message, simply press send. You will not be able to verify if your fax message has been sent.


Older fax machines may not recognize the signal of the incoming text message. Call to verify the recipient has received your text message.