How to Send a Test Fax to a Fax Machine

By Mindi Orth

Send a test message to confirm your fax machine is working properly.
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When you suspect the fax machine your business relies on isn’t receiving faxes properly, sending a test message is the first step in troubleshooting a potential problem. Rather than asking a customer or other business professional to send a test message to your fax, you can use a free online fax provider to send the test yourself. You also can do this to verify proper setup after purchasing a new fax machine.

Turn on your fax machine and confirm that it is ready to receive fax messages.

Open your browser and navigate to your preferred online fax service provider, such as FaxZero, MyFax or GotFreeFax.

Enter the information needed to send the test fax in the required fields. Type your name and your email address in the sender fields and then do the same for the recipient information, entering the fax number associated with the fax machine you want to test.

Click the “Send” option to send the test to your fax machine. The message typically sends within a few minutes. If you don’t receive the fax, confirm you entered the correct information and try to send the message again. If the problem persists, you must troubleshoot to determine the cause of the problem.