How to Send a PayPal Receipt

By Melissa King

A receipt helps buyers organize their purchases.
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PayPal's online payment service enables you to request money from your customers and transfer funds directly to your bank account. When a customer pays for an item with PayPal, he may want a receipt for his records. PayPal sends an email receipt automatically as soon as a buyer pays, so you don't need to send one yourself. To get PayPal to send a receipt, you need to invoice the buyer and wait for him to make a payment. You can also print a packing slip to send with a buyer's purchase.

Invoice a Customer

Click "Request Money," and then click "Create an Invoice."

Enter an invoice number and due date, and then select the payment terms. Enter the customer's email address.

Enter the item name, quantity, purchase data and price. Add a description of the purchase, if desired.

Enter a shipping rate. Add your terms and conditions, such as a return policy.

Click "Send" to email the invoice to the buyer. When the buyer pays, PayPal automatically sends a receipt to the email address you provided.

Print a Packing Slip

Click "History," and then "Details" next to a transaction.

Scroll down and click on "Print Packing Slip" under Shipping.

Click "Print," and then click "Done" to print the packing slip. Include the packing slip in the package with the item.


If a buyer says that she didn't get an email receipt, encourage her to check her spam folder. Some email programs might mark PayPal messages as spam.