How to Sell a Service on Craigslist

By Tricia Goss

Increase your income by attracting new customers online.
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Many consumers head to Craigslist to find a provider when they require some type of service. You can list your services on Craigslist in the Services Offered section at no charge, making it an effective and affordable marketing method for your business. To place a free ad, apply for a Craigslist account with which you can manage your listings and make it easier for potential clients and customers to contact you.

Go to and select the city or region in which you want to advertise your service. Click the "My Account" link below the Craigslist heading.

Log in if you have an existing Craigslist account. Click the "Apply for Account" link to create a new user account. Enter your email address and the verification word provided. Click the "Create Account" button. Craigslist emails you a confirmation link. Click on that link and enter a password to complete account setup.

Select the "New Posting" tab. Select the city or region in which you want your listing to appear and click the "Go" button. Select "Service Offered" and click "Continue."

Choose the category that best corresponds with your service and click "Continue." Select the area nearest your business or your selected service area and click "Continue."

Enter a title for your listing and type in a specific location, if desired. Type a description of your service into the Posting Description box. Select the "Show" button under Reply To if you want to display your email address, select "Hide" to remove any email address or choose "Anonymize" to display a random Craigslist email address that forwards messages to your email address. Click "Continue."

Add images to your listing, if desired. Click the "Browse" button to locate and upload up to eight images for the ad. Click "Done with Images" to continue. Click "Edit Text" or "Edit Images" to make changes to your listing. Click "Continue" when you are ready to post your listing.


If you select the "Therapeutic Services" category, you must pay $10 per listing and $5 to relist a previous ad. These listings are reviewed and cannot be edited.


If you attempt to sell a service in a category other than Services Offered, your listing will be removed and you may be subject to other corrective actions.