How to See Somebody's Connections on LinkedIn

By Filonia LeChat

You can see who's connected to your connections on LinkedIn.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The professional networking website LinkedIn makes six degrees of separation look old-fashioned. On LinkedIn, you’re one of two or three degrees of separation from members, and once you’re connected to a member, you can see all of that person’s connections. This can be helpful when you’re interested in recruiting new personnel or evaluating prospective hires, as well as broadening your own contact base. In the LinkedIn pond, you can hop from one lily pad to the next and see how the people you already know are connected to others you may know soon.

Log in to your LinkedIn account with your username and password if prompted.

Click the “Contacts” link to open up your connections page. If the “Connections” tab is not showing its contents, click it.

Scroll through the alphabetized contacts list that appears to get to the person whose connections you wish to view and click his name or picture.

Click the hotlink in the newly opened right pane to view the person’s connections, under his name and job title.

Click either the “All Connections” tab on the new page, which is open by default or the “Shared Connections” tab, where applicable. The “Shared Connections” tab shows any connections you and the person both have.

Scroll through the connections, which are listed alphabetically by last name.


On LinkedIn, you can only see the connections of someone you are already connected to, a measure the website has in place to protect against spam or harassment. If you’re not already connected to the person whose connections you wish to view, you can, where applicable, click the “Connect” button on his profile and wait for the person to accept the connection.