How to See Sent Items in Facebook

By Brandon Getty

Find important information in your sent messages on Facebook.
i Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Facebook's messaging system allows users to send messages to others on their friend's list, similar to the way one might send email to contacts in their address book. Attachments, such as images or PDF files, can also be sent with the site's messaging system. However, unlike most email hosting sites, these sent items are not shown in one single file. This can make browsing a challenge, if you are not familiar with Facebook's layout.

Browse to the Facebook homepage and log-in to your account.

Enter your "Messages" folder. The icon which signifies this section is located on the top menu bar on your Facebook home page.

Scroll through the list until you find the friend you sent the item to. All of your communications with each individual is stored together by name and can be traced back to to the beginning. Click their name to open the conversation.

Browse through the conversation until you find the desired message, attachment or image.