How to See Notes on PowerPoint on the Laptop, But Not on the Screen

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

PowerPoint's Presenter View controls the content displayed to your audience.
i BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 features a Notes pane that allows you to type your speaker notes below a slide. These notes on your laptop screen can conveniently prompt you with more instructions or resources during your presentation. PowerPoint also lets you hide these notes from the slideshow screen for a more streamlined view so your clients will focus on your company’s objectives.

Open the PowerPoint Presentation and click the “Slide Show” button on the task bar located at the bottom of the slide window to open the slideshow screen. This button displays a projection screen icon.

Click the “More Slide Show Options” button in the control bar in the lower section of the slideshow screen to open the list of options. This button displays three dots in a circle.

Click “Show Presenter View” on the list to view your notes on your laptop screen and hide the notes from the slideshow screen. The Presenter View displays the current side, the next slide, a timer, a task bar on top and a control bar on the bottom.


The “More Slide Show Options” button may be difficult to see on the slideshow screen. Mouse over the bottom section of the screen to display the row of buttons and then click the “More Slide Show Options” button positioned at the end of the row.

The control bar in Presenter View on the slide screen also allows you to navigate to the next slide, write on your slides, view all the slides, zoom into a detail and hide the current slide.

To switch the presentation between the machines that show your notes and hide your notes from the audience, click the “Display Settings” button on the top task bar in Presenter View and then click “Swap Presenter View and Slide Show.”