How to Save a Photo From Facebook on a Mac

By Andrew Schrader

Downloading pictures from Facebook is a useful way to backup photos or monitor the social media habits of your children while you work. Since each picture contains a unique link, you can easily save individual photos to your Mac. To save more than one at a time, try downloading a program or install an extension for your browser. Programs like PhotoGrabber can save all photo albums published by a friend, while extensions like Download FB Album Mod can download all photos within a specific album.

Saving Single Pictures From Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account. Navigate to the picture you want to download and click its icon.

Right-click the image and select "Save Image As..."

Enter a name for the picture in the "Save As" field and select a save location on your hard drive. Click "Save" and wait for the file to download.

Saving Friend's Photos With PhotoGrabber

Open your Web browser and navigate to PhotoGrabber's download page. Click the "" text on the left side of the page and wait for the ".zip" file to download.

Double-click the ".zip" file and wait for the archive to open. Follow the on-screen installation instructions to install PhotoGrabber to your Mac.

Open PhotoGrabber and allow access to your data on Facebook when prompted.

Highlight the friend from your friends list. From the "I want to download" field, select "All tagged photos of the user," "Entire album if it contains a tagged photo," "Albums uploaded by the user," and "Comments and tagging information," depending on your needs.

Click the "Begin Download" button. Choose a save location on your hard drive and wait for your photos to download.

Saving Albums with Download FB Album Mod (Chrome)

Navigate to the Download FB Album Mod page at the Chrome Extension Store. Click "Add to Chrome" and follow the installation instructions.

Log in to Facebook and navigate to the album you want to download. Click the small "FB Album Mod" icon on the right side of your URL bar to enter the FB Album Mod menu.

Click the "Normal" button and wait for the photo album to load.

Select the pictures you want to download. Choose all the pictures in the album by pressing the "Command + S" keys on your keyboard.

Name the album in the "Save As" field and select "Web Page, Complete" from the "Format" drop-down box. Click "Save" and wait for your photos to download.


PhotoGrabber can only download pictures to which you have access. Instagram users can download photos posted to Facebook using the above methods. All Instagram photos are stored on your cell phone; they can also be accessed using third-party software.


Information in this article applies to Mac OS X 10.8.2. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products. Downloading other peoples' photos is not illegal; however, Facebook users do not have the right to profit from another's likeness or representation without the consent of the owner.