How to Retrieve Messages From Skype

By Tammy Columbo

View your Skype messages and conversations in your Chat History.
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If you use Skype for business, you'll probably need to retrieve a message or conversation to verify details, check specs or simply refresh your memory. You can retrieve an instant message by viewing your chat history for the relevant contact. By default, Skype records all conversations with each of your contacts. If you instead seek to retrieve a message you sent to a recipient, you can do this, too. If you sent a message to the wrong person, you can remove the message from her message queue, or you can modify the message -- as long as you make the change within one hour of sending the message, and the message has not been opened.

View Chat History

Log in to Skype.

Click the desired contact under the Recent or Contacts category heading. The most recent instant messages between you and the contacts display on the screen. Your conversations are sorted by date, with the newest interaction listed at the top of the message list.

Click the “Show Earlier Messages” option at the bottom of the Recent category to view older messages.

Modify or Remove Sent Message

Log in to Skype, and then click on the recipient of a message you sent within the past hour.

Right-click on the sent message. The Message context menu opens.

Click the “Edit Message” option in the context menu. The message opens for editing. Type your desired modifications, and then click “Save” to save your edits, when prompted. The message is tagged as “Edited.”

Click the “Remove” option to retrieve and recall your message. A confirmation dialog box opens. Click “Remove” again to delete the message. A notification remains in the contact’s Skype account, indicating you sent, but removed a message.


You can search for a particular topic in your messages by clicking on a message thread with one of your contacts, and then clicking “Conversation” from the top navigation menu. Click “Find” to open a Search box. Type the topic into the Search box, and press the “Enter” key. Messages with the topic’s keyword list in the search results.

You can retrieve and copy a message or conversation to another document. Click on your contact's name to view all conversations with the person. Right-click on a message, and then click “Select All” from the context menu. The entire conversation is highlighted. Right-click again, and then click “Copy Selected” to copy the entire conversation, or click “Copy Message” to copy just one message. Right-click inside a text file, email message or document, and then click “Paste” to export your conversation text.


Information provided in this article applies to Skype for Windows. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of Skype.