How to Retrieve a Sent Message on Facebook

By Ryan Menezes

Facebook stores all sent messages that you don't delete.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unlike many email clients, Facebook's Messages application does not place sent messages in a separate folder. Instead, Facebook groups each sent message with its replies, and your message folder contains all of these message conversations. You can search your message folder for sent messages, and you can open your conversation with the message recipient to retrieve a specific sent message. For example, if you have messaged a sales lead with an offer, you can retrieve the old message and quote it in follow-up correspondence.

Type the contact's name into the Facebook search bar.

Click the contact's name in the drop-down search results to open the recipient's profile.

Click the button labeled "Message" below the recipient's cover photo to open the New Message dialog box.

Click "See message history with [contact name]" to open the conversation containing your sent message.

Scroll through the conversation to find your specific message.