How to Restore Factory Settings on a Zebra Thermal Printer

By Melissa King

If your business regularly ships packages, printing your own address labels saves you time and money at the post office. Your Zebra thermal printer produces package and address labels, as well as tags, tickets and receipts for products your business sells. The Zebra thermal printer includes a factory reset feature that enables you to restore the printer to its default state. Use this function if the printer stops working or you want to reset and re-enter the settings.

Flip the Power switch on the back of the Zebra thermal printer to turn on the machine.

Hold down the Feed button on the front of the Zebra thermal printer. The status LED starts to flash green.

Release the Feed button when the LED flashes green four times. The Zebra printer resets to its original factory condition and performs a media calibration.


Resetting the Zebra printer erases all of your settings. You will need to re-enter them when the reset process completes.