How to Reset the Lamp Time on BenQ Projectors

By Tara Kimball

The lamp in a BenQ projector has a limited capacity, requiring replacement after every 2,000 hours of use. The lamp timer integrated in the system alerts you when the lamp is nearing the end of its useful life so that you can replace it before it fails and possibly damages the machine. Reset the timer after you change the lamp so that it continues to track the lamp usage accurately. The 2010 and later models have an automated reset feature, but you have to use a manual process for the older projectors.

Manual Reset

Turn on the projector after securing the lamp cover. Press the "Exit" button on the projector's control panel and hold it for three seconds. Release the button when "Lamp Hours" appears on the screen.

Press "Menu," then press the arrow navigation buttons to adjust the lamp hours on the display. Reset the lamp hours to "00:00".

Press "Exit" to save the new lamp hour setting and start the timer over for the new bulb.

Automated Reset

Turn on the projector after replacing the bulb. Watch for the startup image to appear on the display, then press "Menu" on the control panel or "Menu/Exit" on the remote.

Use the directional arrows to highlight the "Advanced Setup" menu. Press the down arrow to highlight "Lamp Settings," then press "Enter."

Use the navigational arrows to highlight "Reset Lamp Timer," then press "Enter."

Highlight "Reset," then press "Enter" on the confirmation screen.


Complete the lamp timer reset within 10 minutes of turning the machine on for the first time after replacing the lamp.


Do not reset the lamp timer without replacing the lamp, as it can cause serious damage to the machine.