How to Reset the Drum on an OKI Data Laser Printer

By Jeff Grundy

An OKI Data laser printer should print approximately 25,000 pages before you need to replace the drum, so if you print many business documents, you may have to replace it once or twice or year. When replacing the drum, you must reset the drum page count on the machine to avoid random print errors that prompt you to replace the drum. Resetting the drum page count also helps you keep a tab on the number of pages printed since the last replacement, which can help your business avoid sudden, unexpected drum replacement costs.

OKI Data "B" Series Laser Printers

Press the "Online" button near the display panel on the top of the printer to take the unit offline.

Press the "Menu" button a few times until the Maintenance Menu option appears on the display panel's LCD screen.

Press the "Select" button, and then press "Item" repeatedly until the Drum Count Reset menu option appears. Press the "Select" button to reset the counter.

Press the "Online" button again to return the OKI Data printer to normal printing mode.

OKI Data "C" Series Laser Printers

Power off the printer if you have not already done so. Press and hold the up and down arrow buttons simultaneously as you press the "Power" button to restart the printer. The “OKI USER” prompt appears on the LCD display screen.

Press the down arrow button near the LCD display a few times until the Engine Dialog Mode option appears on the menu screen. Press the “Enter” button, and then wait for the “Diagnostic Mode xx.xx.xx S-Mode” prompt to appear.

Press the down arrow button to scroll the menu options until the “NV-Ram initial” prompt appears, and then press “Enter.” “NV-Ram- Initial Table 1” appears on the LCD display.

Press and hold the “Online” and “Enter” buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds and wait for the “Executing Reset” message to appear on the display screen. Release the "Online" and "Enter" buttons after the message appears.

Power off the OKI Data laser printer, and then turn it on again. The drum page count resets to zero.


A few older OKI Data "B" series printer, such as the B4200, ship with a Status Monitor application for Windows that you can use to reset the drum page count. To use the Windows utility to reset the drum count, open the "Status Monitor" application, click the "Printer Setup" tab, select "Maintenance," and then click "Maintenance 1." Click the "Reset" button next to the "Drum Counter" label, and then click "OK."


Information in this article applies to OKI Data B4200/B4300 and C9600/C9800 series printers. It may vary slightly or significantly with other models.