How to Reset the CAPTCHA on Gmail

By Jennifer Leighton

The Gmail CAPTCHA is a security device that was put in place to help keep Gmail accounts secure, but you or your employees may need to reset it in the case of an account lockout. In some email applications that use POP or IMAP, such as Outlook, Google can perform an automatic Gmail account shutdown after activity occurs that is deemed suspicious. For example, if you or your employees connect to a Gmail account from several unique IP addresses over a short time, it can cause this problem. The issue can be corrected by using the "Unlock CAPTCHA" tool from Google.

Visit the Unlock CAPTCHA page (see link in Resources) and then click "Continue." A new page will appear titled "Next Step."

Sign in using your email application when Google prompts you. This must be done within 10 minutes of the time that the Next Step screen appears.

Type in the CAPTCHA that appears, and then click the "Unlock" option to unlock the Gmail CAPTCHA.