How to Reset Lamp Hours on a Sharp LCD Projector

By Solomon Poretsky

Sharp LCD projectors have built-in lamp timers.
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Liquid crystal display projectors from Sharp Electronics throw an image by sending the light from a lamp through three LCD panels that display the image and through a lens that focuses it on the screen. The bulb has a limited life and will gradually fade and finally fail completely. Sharp equips its LCD projectors with a built-in lamp timer that lets the user know how close the bulb is to failing and when it needs to be replaced. Once you replace the bulb, you need to immediately reset the timer using a simple procedure.

Plug the projector's power cord into an electrical outlet. Plug the other end of the cord into the projector's power socket.

Press and hold the "Right" arrow key, the "Down" arrow key and the "Enter" key on the projector, using one hand. With your other hand, turn the projector on by pressing the "Power" button while holding the other buttons.

Look at the screen until an image of a lamp and an indicator saying "LAMP 0000H" displays. This confirms that you successfully reset the lamp timer.

Turn off the projector by pressing the "Power" button.


Do not reset the lamp timer if you have not actually replaced the lamp.