How to Reset Extension Settings in Google Chrome

By Daniel Hatter

Extensions are one of the ways Web browsers can be customized to fit individual users. There is a vast library of extensions available for Google Chrome, including extensions that could be useful for businesses, such as stock trackers, calculators and to-do lists. If you changed some of the default settings for one of the Google Chrome extensions on your business computer but now want to change them back to their defaults, reset the extension settings.

Open Google Chrome on your business computer and click the "Wrench" icon. Move your cursor over the "Tools" option in the drop-down menu and click "Extensions" in the submenu.

Scroll through your list of installed extensions and find the extension for which you want to reset the settings. Click the "Options" link under it to view its settings page.

Click the "Reset Settings" or similarly labeled button in the settings page to reset your extension settings. Restart Google Chrome to make your extension settings changes take effect.


If there isn't a reset button on the extension's settings page, go back to your list of installed extensions, click the trash can icon next to the extension and click "Remove" to uninstall the extension. Click the "Get more extensions" link below your list of extensions, search for the extension you just removed and click "Add to Chrome" to reinstall it. It will be reinstalled with its default settings.