How to Reset Canon Printers

By Casey Anderson

Canon printers come with software that detects the amount of ink left in the cartridge and stops the printer when the ink level is low. While the ink level monitor is useful, replacing the cartridge in a Canon printer or using a refilled printing cartridge can disrupt printer operations. If that happens, your Canon printer will not reset automatically; however, you can still reset the printer manually.

Press and hold the "Resume" button on the printer for at least one minute. Release the button. This may cause the printer to reset itself.

Unplug the printer's power cable if the printer did not reset. Press and hold the "Power" button on the printer while simultaneously plugging the power cable back into the power source. Continue to hold down the "Power" button.

Press the "Resume" button on the printer twice and release the "Power" button. The printer should reset to its default setting. Check the ink monitor to see if the ink level appears as full.