How to Reset Apple Mail Preferences

By Ruri Ranbe

Apple Mail stores your account preferences to a file called "" The email client retrieves data from this file to access your mailbox and manage incoming and outgoing messages on your account. If Apple Mail displays error messages, consumes 100 percent of CPU resources, or fails to send or receive mail each time you try to use the application, however, the preferences file could contain corrupted data. Remove the file from the Preferences folder to clear your existing settings. Apple Mail will require you to re-enter your account information the next time you open the program.

Open Finder from the Dock and then press "Shift-Command-G" to open the Go to Folder window.

Type "~/Library/Containers/" (without quotation marks) into the field provided and then click "Go" to navigate to the specified location.

Drag-and-drop "" onto your desktop to clear your preferences.