How to Reset an LG Dare

By Melissa King

Reset the Dare to fix a frozen screen.
i Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Your LG Dare cellphone features a factory reset option that restores the device's settings to their original state. Performing a factory reset may correct problems with the Dare, such as a frozen and unresponsive screen. A factory reset deletes all of your settings, contacts, photos and ringtones, so it is also an ideal way to clear the Dare's memory before selling it or giving it away to one of your employees or a business associate.

Power on the LG Dare, then tap the lock icon to unlock the device. Alternatively, press the "Unlock" button on the left side of the Dare. Tap "OK."

Touch "Settings."

Tap "Phone Settings" and "Security."

Enter your four-digit lock code. If you did not create a code, enter the last four digits of the Dare's phone number.

Tap "Reset Default." Read the warning message, then tap "OK."

Tap "Revert" to confirm the factory reset. The Dare will reboot after the reset process completes.


The factory reset process deletes all content on the Dare. Transfer content you want to save to your computer before resetting the Dare.