How to Reset a Motorola Headset

By Tyson Cliffton

Resetting a Motorola Bluetooth headset unpairs it from all devices.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Resetting a Motorola headset to its default factory settings erases all paired devices from the headset's memory, along with any other personal settings saved on the device. Resetting the headset's factory settings is an important first step when an employee turns a company headset back in, so whoever receives the headset next doesn't accidentally receive and listen in on someone else's calls. Additionally, resetting the headset to its default settings is a good troubleshooting technique for resolving issues with the headset. You can reset a Motorola headset's settings by holding down a specific button combination.

Turn on the Motorola Bluetooth headset.

Hold down the "Call" button together with both volume buttons until the indicator light changes from a blinking blue light to a steady blue light, which should take roughly 10 seconds.

Release all three buttons. The device is now restored to its default factory settings.