How to Reset a Kodak Color Ink Cartridge Chip

By Christine Kim

Quickly reset the cartridge chip for any printer, including Kodak color inkjet printers.
i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Inkjet chips track your printer's ink usage, triggering "low ink" messages when the ink level runs low. After you've installed a new cartridge, these messages may continue to appear because the inkjet chip is not properly detecting the refilled ink level. You need to reset the chip so that it reads your ink level correctly. For Kodak color printers, you'll need to use an inkjet chip resetter.

Remove the color cartridge. Open the cartridge door, push on the green lever and slide the cartridge out.

Hold the cartridge upside down. Locate the cartridge chip on the bottom of the ink cartridge.

Press the chip resetter against the cartridge chip, then hold the small button on the Kodak chip resetter for three to four seconds. The cartridge should now be reset and the printer should detect that the ink level is full.