How to Reset a Dell Inkjet Cartridge

By Jocelyn Kerr

Reset a Dell inkjet cartridge using your printer settings.
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When you refill a used Dell inkjet cartridge, you'll need to reset it in your print settings. Dell cartridges have a sensor chip that monitors the amount of ink left in the cartridge. The sensor chip reads empty the first time you run out of ink, and it doesn't reset itself when you refill it with new ink. Even if your cartridge is full, the computer will tell you you're out of ink until you check a box in your print utility.

Insert the refilled inkjet cartridge in your Dell printer and turn off the printer for at least five seconds.

Turn on the printer and you'll see a Dell print utility dialog window open on your computer screen. The window displays a warning that your print level is below the minimum level. If this window doesn't launch automatically, open a document and attempt to print. This dialog window will open to alert you the ink level is too low.

Uncheck the "Complete-a-Print" check box. Just below it you'll see the "Don't Display This Dialog Again" box; check it.

Click "OK" or "Continue Printing," depending on whether you're on the startup warning page or if you attempted to print a document, respectively. This resets your ink level.