How to Request Someone Follow You on Twitter

By C.D. Crowder

Unlike "friending" someone on Facebook, Twitter following isn't mutual. The fact that you follow someone on Twitter doesn't mean that the person will reciprocate and follow you. Asking someone to follow you can be challenging because Twitter doesn't allow you to solicit users to follow you. Instead, you must attract a person's attention in other ways, such as by posting interesting tweets and becoming a dedicated follower.

Visit the profile of the person that you want to follow you. Enter the user's real name or Twitter username in the search box and click on his profile in the results. Tap “Follow” to begin following the person. He will be notified that you are following him, and he might reciprocate by following you.

Respond to the person's tweets using the “Reply” button under each tweet. Compose your tweet. You can request that the user follow you with this method, but Twitter doesn't recommend this approach.

Place the user's name anywhere in your tweet to mention him. The username must be preceded by the "@" symbol; for example, "@username." Twitter notifies members when they are mentioned in other users' tweets. A positive mention may encourage that person to follow you.

Use hashtags and keywords in your tweets targeted to the user that you'd like to follow you. For instance, to encourage a programmer to follow you, use hashtags like "#programming," "#programmer" or the name of the programmer's favorite language.

Retweet some of the user's most interesting posts by hovering over the tweet and pressing “Retweet.” You can also copy the tweet and post it as a normal tweet preceded by “RT” and the username (RT @username). This form of compliment may catch the other user's attention.

Update your profile to showcase interests that may be similar to the user that you want to follow you. Press the gear-shaped account button and choose “Edit Profile” to edit your profile.

Visit the user's profile and click “Following.” Choose several of his followers to follow as well; it's not necessary to follow everyone. Following some people who share your interests may increase the likelihood of your tweets being retweeted. These retweets may be seen by the user that you want to follow you, drawing his attention to your profile.


Interact as often as possible with the user in question to interest him in following you. If you do ask the person to follow you using the Reply feature, provide a good reason why he should do so.


Avoid services that promise to get a certain user or many users to follow you, as this method of self-promotion violates Twitter's rules.

Do not use the Reply feature more than once or twice to avoid your account being flagged as spam.