How to Report an Offensive Comment on Facebook

By Cameron Sherber

Business owners use Facebook as a place to connect with customers, stay in touch with colleagues and keep track of customer feedback. However, if a disgruntled former employee, dissatisfied customer or random online troublemaker decides to post an offensive comment on your page or timeline, it may make your business appear unprofessional or scare off potential clients. You can report the comment to the Facebook security team for review. If Facebook decides that the comment violates its terms of use, it will remove it and determine how to deal with the commenter.

Reporting a Comment On One of Your Posts

Log in to Facebook.

Click the name of the user who left the offensive remark to be taken to her profile page.

Click the gear icon found at the top-right of the user's profile page. Select the "Report / Block" option from the drop-down that appears.

Place a check mark beside the "Report this Timeline" box. Click "Continue" to view the list of options.

Place a check mark beside "Bullying or Harassing" or "Other Inappropriate Content." Click "Continue."

Place a check mark beside "My Timeline" when asked where the inappropriate content is being posted. Click "Continue" to view a list of additional actions Facebook recommends that you take.

Click "Continue" again. You may be contacted via email by Facebook's security team for additional information.

Reporting an Inappropriate Post on Your Wall

Click the pen-shaped "Edit or Remove" icon that appears at the top-right of the post when you hover with the mouse pointer.

Select "Report / Mark as Spam." Click on the "Detailed Report" link.

Select the reasons you are reporting this post, then click "Continue" to view a list of additional actions Facebook recommends that you take, such as blocking the user.

Click "Continue" again to file your report.


If the comment in question was extremely offensive, make a post in which you apologize to everyone who saw it on your page or timeline.