How to Replace a Template to Multiple PowerPoint Files

By Anni Martin

Using a consistent theme in your business presentation helps sell your product.
i IT Stock/Polka Dot/Getty Images

When you do a company presentation, you want your company brand to appear prominently no matter which department is doing the show. Your company’s PowerPoint template can help the branding process by using the same background colors, fonts, layouts, text, logo and other graphics in your business presentation. If your company upgrades its master PowerPoint templates with new colors, logos or text, you can easily apply the new theme to your PowerPoint presentations. This helps ensure a consistent, professional look and feel among all presentations showing at the same event.

Launch PowerPoint and then open all the presentation documents you want to change to the new theme.

Click the "View" tab in one of the presentations and then click "Arrange All" in the Window group. This command aligns your open PowerPoint presentations so you can see them all in one window.

Click the "Design" tab in the toolbar. Click the “More” drop-down arrow in the Themes group underneath the up and down theme arrows. Click “Browse for Themes” from the drop-down theme list and click “Custom.”

Browse to find the theme you created and then click “New Theme.” Click “Apply” to change the theme of the current slide presentation to the new theme. The slides in the presentation will automatically reformat for the new theme.

Replace the themes in the other open presentations by clicking on each presentation and then clicking the theme you want to apply. You will need to do some adjustments to text and graphics for each presentation, so scroll through each one before you save and close the presentation.

Click on “File” and “Save” for each presentation to save the new theme design.


In PowerPoint 2007 and 2010, you do not apply a design template to change your slide, but a design theme. The theme contains the colors, fonts, background and other design elements for your slide. In PowerPoint versions prior to 2007, you still apply a design template.

The Custom option in the Themes group does not appear until you create a custom theme.