How to Repair an Aiwa CD Player

By Jon Stefansson

Updated February 10, 2017

Don't despair; there may be a simple solution to your CD player troubles.
i CD image by Ricardo Bego Mantoan from

It can be extremely frustrating if your home CD player stops working properly. All you want to do is put on your favorite Eagles' CD and play air guitar to "Hotel California," but no--the player is broken. Luckily, some minor problems with a CD player can be fixed without you having to take it in for repair. Trying a few simple fixes can save you time and money in the long run and can have you rocking out again in no time.

Make sure the CD player is set to CD mode, not radio or tape mode (if applicable on your CD player). Make sure the volume is turned up and the player is plugged in.

Switch the player to a different mode. If sound comes from the speakers, it indicates a problem with the CD deck in particular. If no sound comes from the speakers, it can mean there is problem internal to the CD player or with the speaker connections. If your Aiwa stereo has external speakers, make sure the cables are securely connected.

Purchase a CD lens cleaner. Available from most music or audio stores, these cleaner discs have tiny brushes attached to the reading surface of a special CD. As the disc is read by the player, the brushes remove dust and debris from the lens that can prevent the CD player from reading discs properly. You may need to run the lens cleaner cycle several times.

Try a different CD. If the disc was written by a computer, it may not be readable by the CD player. If there was an error writing the disc, it can cause the CD player to be unable to read the number of tracks or other data on the disc. Try using a store-bought CD in the player instead.

Admit defeat and call a pro if none of the previous steps fixes the player. Aiwa Electronics, which is owned by Sony, has slowly been wound down, and direct support for products may not be available. It is best to call an electronic repair shop or shop for a replacement player in the event of the stereo repair not being cost effective.

Items you will need

  • Aiwa CD player

  • Lens cleaner (optional)

  • Store-bought CD