How to Reopen a LinkedIn Account

By Melissa King

Connect with co-workers and make new contacts on LinkedIn.
i Visage/Stockbyte/Getty Images

LinkedIn's social networking platform enables you to make new business contacts through your clients, co-workers, partners and employees. If you accidentally closed your account within the past 30 days, LinkedIn can usually reopen it for you. When LinkedIn reopens your account, your contacts and connections are restored, but you lose your groups and recommendations.

Log in to LinkedIn and navigate to to the LinkedIn Submit Your Question page (link in Resources).

Type the full name and email address associated with the LinkedIn account you want to reopen.

Enter "Reopen my closed account" in the subject line, if necessary. LinkedIn may have filled in the subject line for you.

Ask LinkedIn to restore your account in the "Your Question" box.

Click "Continue..." to submit your request to LinkedIn. When LinkedIn reopens the account, you will receive an email. You'll also receive an email if LinkedIn cannot reopen the account.


LinkedIn cannot recover accounts closed more than 30 days.