How to Rename a Google Chrome File

By Kirk Bennet

You can use the Internet to find the latest news that affects your business, read interesting tips and learn new tricks that help you grow your business. You can also download thousands of files and programs on your computer. If you use Google Chrome and need to download files that happen to have the same name, you'll need to configure the browser to allow you to rename the files before you download them. By default, Chrome downloads the files without asking you where or how to download them.

Launch Google Chrome, click the Chrome menu icon on the toolbar and select "Settings" from the menu to open the Settings page.

Click the "Settings" link in the left pane to view the Settings page, if it's not displayed by default.

Click the "Show advanced settings" link.

Click the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" option to enable it.

Attempt to download a file. The "Save As" window pops up.

Type a new name for your file in the File Name box. You can select a different folder in which to save the renamed file by using the file browser.

Click "Save" to download the renamed file.