How to Remove the Background of Business Card Templates in Word

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Update a business card template with shading or fill options.
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Microsoft Word enables you to customize a business card template to suit your company’s requirements. If you want to remove a background on the layout, apply a shading or fill option to update the look. These options include solid colors or a simple white background to help you emphasize the graphics and text on the layout. A pop-up toolbar accesses the shading options; the command ribbon accesses the shape fill options. Both steps will change the background fill. These options give you the flexibility to adapt a time-saving template into a personalized business card your clients will gladly receive.


Right-click the background of the business card to bring up the tools in a pop-up window. As an alternative for Windows tablet users, tap and hold the background.

Click or tap the arrow beside the “Shading” button, and then mouse over the preferred theme color sample, such as “White Background 1.” Click or tap to select this color sample that will replace the background. The Paint Can or Shading icon saves your selected color.

Press “Tab” to navigate the document. The next time you right-click the card background, the Shading icon displays the selected color bar. Click or tap the “Shading” button to change the background color.

Shape Fill

Click or tap the background of the business card template to bring up the sizing frame and the Drawing Tools ribbon with the Format tab. Clicking different parts of the template might bring up the Picture Tools or Table Tools ribbon. Keep navigating around the template until the Drawing Tools ribbon displays.

Click or tap the “Format” tab, and then click “Shape Fill” in the Shape Styles group to display the color chart and list of options.

Mouse over a color sample such as “White, Background 1” to preview an updated template. Click or tap this color sample to update. Continue updating the remaining cards.

Save this Word document.


If you prefer no color, click or tap “No Fill” in the Shape Fill options.

Print a test copy on a plain, standard sheet before you insert business card stock in your printer.


Information in this article applies to Windows 8 Pro and Microsoft Word 2013 Home and Small Business. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.