How to Remove Text From Chrome Bookmarks

By Kevin Lee

Enjoy a tidier Bookmarks bar by deleting unwanted bookmark text.
i Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Add a bookmark to Chrome's Bookmarks bar, and it displays the first few words from the title of the site you bookmarked. While this text helps you identify bookmarks quickly, it also takes up space and reduces the number of bookmarks you can see at a glance. One way to reduce the textual clutter is to delete the text from some or all of your bookmarks. When you do that, the bookmarks only display their icons. Chrome provides two ways to edit or delete bookmark text.

Click Chrome's menu icon -- shaped like a gear -- and select "Bookmarks." Click "Bookmark Manager" to open the Bookmark Manager that has two panes. The left pane displays folders and the right pane displays the selected folders.

Click the "Bookmarks bar" folder to view its bookmarks. These bookmarks have icons and text next to them.

Right-click a bookmark you'd like to edit and notice that Chrome highlights the text. Press "Ctrl-X" to delete that text. The bookmark on the Bookmarks bar will now show the bookmark's icon instead of the icon and the text. Repeat this process to update other bookmarks as needed.


You may also right-click a bookmark on the Bookmarks bar, select "Edit" and delete the text in the "Name" text box that appears.

Instead of deleting a bookmark's text, you could rename it using a word or two that describes the site. For example, you might change a bookmark's name from "Facebook photographs" to "FB pics." This gives you the ability to reduce the clutter on your Bookmarks bar and still make sense of the bookmarks.

Folders can help you organize bookmarks into collections that contain related information. Add a folder by clicking "Organize" and selecting "Add Folder" in the Bookmark Manager. You can then type a name for the folder in the text box next to the folder's icon.

Move a bookmark to new folder by dragging it from the left pane to the target folder in the left pane. You might want to do this when you'd like to move some bookmarks from the Bookmarks bar folder to another one.