How to Remove Stuck Camcorder Cassettes

By Kay Ireland

Updated February 10, 2017

Remove Stuck Camcorder Cassettes
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Having a cassette get stuck inside a camcorder is a fairly common problem that many camcorder users experience. Removing stuck camcorder cassettes is fairly easy. Most often the problem stems from now having a power source or another cause that is easy to remedy. If you have a cassette stuck in your camcorder, don't panic and never try to yank or pull the cassette out.

Plug your camcorder into the power cords and attach to a power source. Try the Eject button when the camcorder is fully powered up. Press the Eject button until the cavity opens fully before attempting to take the cassette out.

Power off your camcorder. Remove the battery from the camcorder.

Move the camcorder's power switch to the "On" position.

Leave the tape door open. After thirty minutes replace the battery with the power button still in the "On" position and the tape door open.

Close the tape door and press "Eject."