How to Remove Previous Searches From the Yahoo Toolbar

By Meaghan Ellis

i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Yahoo! toolbar is usually located at the top of the Internet browser and is available for access each time you open your browser. When a user types search entries into the Yahoo! toolbar's search bar data form, search results are displayed in the browser once the entry is processed. These entries are usually stored on the toolbar to comprise a list of search activity and history. Removing any of the previous search entries from the Yahoo! toolbar only takes a second and can be done one of two ways: through the toolbar itself or by altering the browser's settings and preferences.

Remove Searches Directly from Yahoo! Toolbar

Click the browser icon on the computer's desktop to open the Internet browser where the Yahoo! toolbar is installed.

Go to the toolbar's "Settings" menu and access the Yahoo! Toolbar's options to display its current settings.

Locate and select the "Clear Recent Searches" action to remove any previous search entries and/or history from the Yahoo! toolbar.

Remove Searches by Deleting All Form Data from History

Press and hold the "CTRL+SHIFT+DEL" keys simultaneously. An Internet Options window should open in the middle of the screen.

Click the "Delete" button that will be listed when the General tab options appear. A pop-up window will open so you can indicate what browser history you'd like to delete.

Select the "Delete Forms" action, to the right of the Form Data title, to remove any previous search entries entered in the Yahoo! toolbar, as well as other data forms in the browser.


If you opt to clear the Yahoo! toolbar searches through the browser's options, this action will delete more than the toolbar history. It will also delete any other search entries you have entered on other sites you've accessed in the browser.