How to Remove Icons from Google Toolbar

By Will Conley

A tidy Google Toolbar makes items easier to find.
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To remove an icon from a Google Toolbar, you must either hide the button the icon identifies or set the button to appear only as text. You can do either of these things in Google Toolbar for Firefox. In Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer you can only remove the button: there is no Text setting for buttons in Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Some users find Google Toolbar icons to be useful for quick identification and for saving screen real estate. Others find icons to be an eyesore. Remove the icons; you can always put them back later.

Open your browser.

Right-click your Google Toolbar.

Select Button Text Labels and then Text. Your Google Toolbar buttons will remain in place, but with no icons and only text to identify them. (If you are using Internet Explorer, this option is unavailable.)

Right-click a button you wish to hide on your Google Toolbar and select "Hide Button" (in Firefox) or "Hide [button name] Button" in Internet Explorer. The button will disappear.


You can restore a button or add more buttons to your Google Toolbar at any time. Right-click the toolbar and select Google Toolbar Options. You can check or uncheck boxes corresponding to Toolbar buttons throughout the options menu. This will show or hide their associated buttons.