How to Remove Data from a Chart in PowerPoint

By Ryan Menezes

Remove unnecessary or distracting data from your PowerPoint chart.
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Microsoft PowerPoint creates charts by integrating with Excel, another Office application. Once you've created a chart in PowerPoint, you can edit it to limit the data that it covers. For example, if you create a chart to track sales over the course of several years, you may notice no trend until the final six months. You can then remove all data until the trend begins, focusing the chart on the data points that matter the most.

Open the presentation in PowerPoint and scroll to the slide that contains the chart.

Right-click the chart and click "Edit Data" to open the chart's data in an Excel window.

Click the blue lower-right corner of the data array. Drag the corner up or to the left to remove a data category or series from the chart.

Highlight a column or row and press the "Delete" key to remove a series or category other than those in the far right or bottom of the array.

Close the Excel window and save your PowerPoint presentation.