How to Remove a "Follow on Tumblr" Button

By Laurel Storm

By default, the Tumblr blog publishing service displays a "Follow on Tumblr" button on a blog's sidebar to advertise itself to unregistered readers. If you use Tumblr to run your company blog, however, removing the button can make your blog layout look more professional and has very limited downsides, especially if you know that the vast majority of your target audience does not have a Tumblr account and is unlikely to sign up for one.

Log into your Tumblr account.

Click the gear icon on the dashboard to open the settings page.

Select your blog from the list on the settings page and click the "Customize" button in the Theme section to open the theme customization page.

Click "Advanced" in the sidebar to unfold the "Advanced options" menu.

Clear the check box labeled "Promote Tumblr."

Click "Save" and then click "Close" to save your settings and return to the Tumblr dashboard.