How to Reduce Photo Sizes on Gmail

By C. Taylor

Inserting original pictures into Gmail from a digital camera might require reducing.
i Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

Gmail supports inline images when the Google Lab's Inserting Images feature is enabled. Unlike email attachments, inline emails display images directly on the email page. Although convenient, this poses a small problem. Most images from digital cameras are quite large, even on their lowest setting, so the recipient of an inline image needs to scroll to see the entire picture. However, the Inserting Images feature also lets you reduce the photo's size directly from the composition window.

Enable the "Inserting Images" feature, if it's not already enabled. Click the "Settings" gear icon and select "Settings." Click "Labs" and then "Enable" in the Inserting Images section. Click "Save Changes."

Open a new composition window and insert an image. This can be done by pressing "Ctrl-V" to paste an image from the Windows clipboard, or clicking the "Insert Image" button and selecting a picture from your computer or the Internet.

Click the image and select one of the preset sizes, such as "Small," "Medium" or "Large." Alternatively, click and drag any of the small corner boxes to manually resize the image.

Click "Send" to send the image with the resized, inline photo.