How to Recover Your Trashed Mail in Yahoo

By Lori Kaufman

If you choose to delete email in Yahoo, it's not completely gone. Instead of being deleted permanently, deleted email messages are sent to the Trash folder. You can recover any deleted email as long as it is still in the Trash folder. However, Yahoo empties the Trash folder occasionally. According to Yahoo, the exact intervals are unpredictable, so if you have mail in the Trash folder you'll need in the future, it's best to take action to recover the messages immediately.

Log in to your Yahoo Mail account. The folders, including the Trash folder, are displayed in the left pane.

Click the "Trash" folder to view its contents in the right pane. All your recently deleted email messages are stored in this folder.

Check the box in front of each email that you wish to recover or check the box in front of "Sort By Date" to select all messages in the folder at once.

Click "Move" near the top of the page and choose "Inbox" from the menu to recover the messages. All messages will be sent to the Inbox folder, even if some of them are sent messages.


To recover the messages to a new folder, choose "New Folder" from the Move menu, type a folder name and click "OK."