How to Recover Completed Jobs from a Printer on a Mac

By Avery Martin

Recover past print jobs containing sensitive company or client information to review what your employees print within the office. Once you view the completed print jobs, you can also remove the record of the print job from the system memory so that others with access to the computer can no longer view a list of printed documents. When you clear completed print jobs, any pending or active print jobs also get cleared.

Click the Apple menu and select "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

Select "Print & Scan" in the Hardware section.

Select the printer with the completed print job you want to recover.

Click the "Open Print Queue..." button.

Click the "Jobs" menu and select "Show Everyone's Jobs."

Select the job you want to recover and choose an option from the Jobs menu to perform your desired action. You can delete the job, resume the job, hold the job, or select the "Quick Look" option to view and recover the document in a new window.


Information in this article applies to Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.