How to Read a Small CD in a Large CD Tray

By Jay Darrington

Updated February 10, 2017

Sometimes you might come across CDs that are smaller than the CDs you are used to. Small CDs are typically given out by people as part of their portfolio, or by businesses offering free, trial or ISP software. They are also cheaper to make and more unique than regular CDs. If you receive such a CD, your computer can easily read it and access the contents of the disk.

Open the CD-ROM drive on your computer. Wait for the CD tray to fully emerge from the drive.

Place the CD inside the CD holder. Be sure to put the CD in the very center of the CD holder.

Close the CD-ROM. Wait for the computer to access the CD drive. Alternatively, you can open "My Computer" and open the CD by double-clicking on the drive icon. You will then have access to the CD.

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • CD-ROM drive


Some CD-ROM drives have a depression in the center to better work with small CDs.

If your small CD is a DVD with a movie on it, it can also be played in any DVD player.


Be sure that the small CD is a disc that can be read by your computer. If the disc you are given is a DVD, your CD-ROM will not be able to read it. Instead use a DVD-ROM drive.