How to Rank Higher in Google for a Blogspot Blog

By C.D. Crowder

Blogs are great for marketing when they rank high in Google.
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Despite the fact that Google owns the Blogger platform, the search engine giant does not give preferential treatment to Blogspot blogs in search rankings. To rank higher, you must follow Google's rules for creating and maintaining a useful, informative website. The higher the quality of your Blogspot blog, the higher it will rank. There's is no specific formula, but Google does assign higher rankings to blogs that meet certain quality criteria for grammar, frequency of updates, length of posts and backlinks.

Limit the number of ads on your blog. If your page contains more ads than content, Google ranks the site lower. Ads, including link-based ads and affiliate links, shouldn't be the main focus.

Spell check posts and always use correct grammar. Well-written content is a ranking consideration, especially after Google's recent Panda update.

Increase the length of your posts to at least 300 words. Shorter posts are considered less informative and useful. For image or video-based blogs, use SEO descriptions behind the media and as text with the media for better exposure and rank.

Do not overuse keywords. Google focuses more on quality than SEO. Good SEO now involves limiting the use of keywords to once every 100-150 words.

Provide content that is useful to visitors. Useful content keeps visitors on your blog longer, which improves your Google ranking.

Take advantage of Blogger SEO features including image properties, header tags and search descriptions.

Do not post duplicate content. Google ranks blogs with original content over blogs with duplicate content.

Create new posts at least once per week. Regularly updated blogs rank higher than those updated randomly or less frequently.


Blogspot blogs hosted on their own domains sometimes rank higher than those hosted on the domain. If you offer quality content that is focused on your topic, hosting your blog on a custom domain isn't necessary for a high rank but only a suggestion from Blogger and Google.


Don't use services that promise to give you thousands of backlinks. Low-quality backlinks damage your blog's reputation. Gain backlinks through guest posts, partnerships with related blogs, social media and other acceptable link-building methods.