How to Put Your Pictures on a YouTube Channel

By Naomi Bolton

Use pictures to customize your YouTube channel so it fits your brand.
i Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

A YouTube channel enables you to promote your brand by making it more visible and interesting. You are able to customize your YouTube channel by adding branded images that match your business or product. These pictures can be used as your avatar or the channel background image. The images are all placed on your channel from the "Appearance" tab.

Navigate to YouTube, and sign in to your account.

Click the name of your YouTube channel in the left column, and then click the "Channel Settings" button.

Click the "Appearance" tab, and then click "Choose file" in the Avatar section. Select a square image that is no larger than 1MB from your computer and then click "Open."After the upload is complete, the picture appears at the top of your channel next to the channel name.

Click "Choose file" in the Background section and then select an image, no larger than 1 MB to use as the background picture for your channel. Click "Open," and wait for the upload the complete. The picture is displayed on the background of your YouTube channel.

Click the radio button next to "Scrolling" if you want the background picture to scroll along with the content of the channel. Click the radio button next to "Fixed" if you prefer that the background image remains static while visitors scroll through your channel page.

Click the "No Repeat" drop-down menu, and select an appropriate tiling setting. You are able to specify that the picture tiles either horizontally, vertically or both. Check the preview widow on the bottom part of the screen to see the changes.

Click the "Done Editing" button once you are satisfied with the pictures on your YouTube channel.


YouTube recommends an image with dimensions of 800x800 pixels for avatars. If you use a non-square image, the picture will be cropped. There is no minimum or maximum value for the background image.


When placing pictures on your YouTube channel, ensure they do not violate community guidelines. Pictures may not contain nudity or copyrighted images.