How to Put the Subscribe Words on Your YouTube Channel

By Naomi Bolton

YouTube is a great way to promote your business online with product presentations or useful information. Once viewers find your channel, you ideally want them to subscribe so that they can keep viewing your videos. While YouTube does have a subscribe button above each video, it is much more visible and eye catching to add the subscription link to your video. Once users click the subscription text, they are instantly taken to the page where they can subscribe to your channel. To achieve this effect and build your subscriber base, use the annotations feature.

Log in to your YouTube account and then click the "My channel" link to display a list of videos on your channel.

Click the video to which you want to add the subscribe text and click the "Edit" button.

Click the "Annotations" tab and then click "+ Add annotation."

Select "Note" from the drop-down menu for a box to appear on your video. This box defines the area in your video that can be clicked, as well as the words that appear inside it.

Enter the subscription phrase, such as "Click Here To Subscribe," in the text input box of the note annotation. Use the size, font color and background color to make the words as visible as you want without obscuring your video.

Click and drag the box to the location on your video where you want it to appear. Click and drag the handles around the edges of the box to resize it.

Enter the start and end times for the subscription text to appear in the "Start" and "End" boxes next to your video.

Click the check box next to "Link" and then click "Subscribe" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Enter the name of your YouTube channel in the "Enter a YouTube user name to subscribe to" text input box.

Click "Preview link" to make sure that you have entered your channel name correctly and that the subscription page opens when the link is clicked.

Click the check box next to "Open link in a new window" to ensure that your video continues playing while the channel subscription page opens in a new window. This allows users to subscribe to your channel and then quickly get back to viewing your video.

Click the "Publish" button and then click the "View your live video here link" to view your video on YouTube as other users see it.


If you have already added the subscription text to your video, you can still make it a clickable link by selecting "Spotlight" instead of "Note" from the annotations menu. Drag the spotlight box around the text in your video and then link it to your subscription page.