How to Put Music From a CD to a Micro SD Card

By C. Taylor

Updated February 10, 2017

Windows 7 allows easy ripping and transferrng of audio CDs.
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Copying music from a CD to a micro SD card requires you to first "rip" or copy the individual movie files from the CD onto your computer. You can easily do this in Windows 7 by using the included Windows Media Player. To reduce file size and maintain optimal quality and compatibility, you may wish to convert the files to MP3, which you can do in the same process. After the files are ripped, you can simply copy them to your micro SD card.

Connect to the Internet if you’d like to have your CD's information automatically added to the ripped files. This information includes the CD's artist, album and title.

Insert your audio CD into your CD or DVD drive. Windows Media Player should automatically open. If it doesn't, you can open it manually by navigating to “Start,” typing "Windows Media Player" in the “Search” box and pressing “Enter.”

Select the "Rip Settings" drop-down menu. Mouse-over the “Format” option and click “MP3” as the format that the audio files will be ripped.

Uncheck any songs from the right-hand panel of the Windows Media Player window if you don't want to rip them. If you want them all copied, then keep the default selection of all songs.

Click the "Rip CD" button to rip the selected songs into the player library.

Connect the micro SD card to the computer. This requires an internal or external card reader and possibly a micro SD to SD card adapter. The latter will convert the micro SD card into a regularly-sized SD card when inserted into the adapter. If the card reader is external, you’ll have to insert it into the appropriate port, usually a USB port. Windows 7 will automatically recognize the card and install the appropriate driver.

Open Windows Explorer by clicking the “Windows” key and “E” simultaneously. Click the top-left folder labeled "Music," located under "Libraries." Highlight all the ripped audio files by holding the “Ctrl” key and clicking each file.

Click and hold one of the highlighted audio files. Drag it over to the drive letter, corresponding to the memory card on the left-hand side, and release to copy all the files to your micro SD card.

Items you will need

  • Micro SD to SD card adapter

  • Card reader


Sharing ripped music is a violation of copyright law, so don't rip and share copyrighted music CDs.