How to Put a Microsoft Outlook Express Shortcut on Your Desktop

By Leigh Thompson

Updated February 10, 2017

i Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Desktop shortcuts are the key to quick computer navigation. These icons are on your desktop and quickly open files, folders and programs without the need to navigate through your system’s file hierarchy. These shortcuts are particularly useful when a program is frequently used, such as your e-mail client. There are three ways to place a shortcut for Microsoft Outlook Express on your desktop.

Open the “Start” menu. Click “Programs” or “All Programs” depending on your operating system. Locate Microsoft Outlook Express from your program menu. Right-click Outlook Express and choose “Send To” from the list. Select “Desktop (create shortcut)” from the list.

Click Outlook Express and drag it to the desktop. Drop the program on the desktop to add it as a shortcut.

Right-click the desktop and choose “New” from the list of options. Select “Shortcut” from the list. Click “Browse” to locate Outlook Express on your computer. Typically, Outlook Express is located on your “C” drive in your program files. Choose “Outlook Express” and then “msin.exe” from the list. Name the shortcut. Click “Finish.”