How to Put a Button on a Post in Blogger

By Kevin Lee

Use HTML to embed live buttons in Blogger blogs.
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Instead of adding a regular text link to one of your Blogger business blogs, break away from the norm and turn your link into a button. You may not see many link buttons in Blogger blog posts because the Blogger interface doesn't have a button that lets you place buttons inside individual posts. Overcome this limitation by adding code to your post that generates a button that links to your business website or any Web page on the Internet.

Visit your Blogger homepage and log in if needed. Click the "Add New Post" button and then click "Compose" to view the editing box. Type the text you would like to appear in your post.

Click the "HTML" button to switch to HTML mode and paste the following code below the text you typed:

<input onclick="document.location='URL' " type="button" value="Button_Text" />

Replace “Button_Text” with the text you want to appear on the button. Replace “URL” with the URL you would like people to visit when they click the button. The following example illustrates a button labeled “Visit the White House.” It transports people to the White House Web page when they click the button:

<input onclick="document.location='' " type="button" value="Visit" />

Note how the URL, in this example, appears between single quotes. You must surround the URL with single quotes to make this work.

Click the "Compose” button again to switch back to the composition view. Your new button appears in the editing box. Click "Save" and then "Publish" to publish to the main page that lists your blogger posts. The post you created appears at the top of that list.

Move your cursor over your new post and click "View" button to view the post. Click the post's new button to visit the Web page you added to the button's HTML code.


Add additional buttons to blog posts as needed using these steps.

Don't worry about limiting the text that you use for the button's label. Browsers resize buttons to fit the number of words that people use on buttons. You can even add a sentence to a button and browsers will create a wide button that displays the whole sentence.