How to Print Screen Directly to a Printer

By Darrin Koltow

There's no guarantee the digital content your business relies on will come with a Print function. Fortunately, your PC's "Print Screen" button offers a way to capture and print such content -- if your monitor can display it, that is. Printing with this button normally requires manually pasting captured content into an imaging or word processing program. However, some programs enable you to bypass this step and send screen captures directly to a printer. These utilities work by monitoring the Windows clipboard for image content sent there by the "Print Screen" button. Once they detect such content, they send it to the printer or another device you specify.


Install and run Gadwin PrintScreen (see link in Resources). The program minimizes itself and moves to the system tray. Arrange application windows such that the content you want to print appears on the screen. For example, if you want to print the content your Web browser is currently displaying, click the "Maximize" button on the browser's application window.

Turn on your printer, and then press the "Print Screen" keyboard key, which may appear as "Prt Sc" or similar wording. Gadwin's user interface appears and displays a snapshot of what your monitor was displaying when you pressed this keyboard key.

Click the "Change Destination" button, and then check the "To Printer" check box in the dialog box that appears. Click the dialog box's "OK" button, then click the main screen's "Continue Output" button. Gadwin prints the captured screen image to your printer.


Install and run PrtScr (see link in Resources), then arrange windows such that your monitor displays the content you want to print.

Press and hold "Alt" if you want to print only the currently selected window. Press "Print Screen," then click the left mouse button anywhere on the screen. The PrtScr application window appears, along with the screen content the program captured.

Click the "Print" button on the application window to open the "Print Settings" dialog box. Click this dialog box's "Print" button to print the screen capture to your default printer.


Install and run Cropper (see link in Resources). Right-click the program's application window, and then click "Output." Click the "Printer" item to specify the printer as the output device.

Right-click the application window again, and then click "Hide" to move the program to the system tray. Arrange other program windows so they display what you want to print.

Press "Print Screen" to capture a full screen, or "Alt-Print Screen" to capture the active window. Your printer's dialog box appears. Click "Print" to print the captured screen or window.


Information in this article applies to Gadwin PrintScreen 4.7, PrtScr 1.0 and Cropper 1.9. It may vary slightly or significantly with other products.