How to Print Labels from Word to a Zebra Printer

By Charlotte Mission

Zebra manufactures thermal printers that allow businesses to print high-quality receipts, labels and other documentation using common word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word. These printers also have the capability to print scannable barcodes on labels for shipping, inventory pricing or identification purposes. The printer utilizes Zebra programming language, or ZPL, to create barcodes. However, all models have the barcode commands already installed on their internal memory, so you do not need any additional barcode fonts when you use Word to print these types of labels.

Open a new Microsoft Word document.

Click the “Mailings” tab on the menu bar at the top of the window. Click the "Labels” option in the "Create" section.

Enter the information you want to include on the label in the "Address" text box.

Click the "Options" button to bring up the advanced settings dialog box.

Click the “Continuous-feed printers” bubble. Select "Zebra" from the "Label vendors" drop-down box. Choose the product number from the list. Click “OK” to return to the main "Labels" menu.

Click the "New Document" button. The label will appear on the screen.

Enter a barcode on the label by placing the cursor in the top-left corner of the label. Type "~C2B" followed a space and the command for the barcode you want to insert. Refer to the programming guide for your Zebra printer model for the barcode commands.

Click the “File” tab and select the “Print” option. Under the "Printer" option, select "Zebra." Click the "Print" button to send the label to the Zebra printer.