How to Print CD Booklets

By Louise Balle

Updated February 10, 2017

Print CD booklets.
i cd on cd image by Stephen Kirkby from

If you're creating a compact disc (CD) that you want to either sell or present in a professional manner, it's a prudent idea to create a CD booklet (also called an insert) to put into the plastic casing. The CD booklet allows the user to quickly identify the contents and also helps protect the CD from sun rays when outdoors. You can create and print a CD booklet using glossy paper that you can find at your local office supply store.

Use the layout program of your choice to create your CD booklet file. Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and even Microsoft Publisher are common layout programs used for this taskā€”some programs, like Microsoft Word and Publisher, even have CD templates you can use (see direct link to some CD templates under Resources).

Create a new document sized at 8.5 by 11 inches (standard sized paper). Draw a box in your layout program sized at about 9.5 inches by 4.725 inches (common for a CD case) in the exact center of the page. Measure your own CD case first just in case to double-check the size.

Insert a dividing dotted line down the exact middle of the box. Duplicate this page for as many pages you want in your CD booklet, just make sure it's an even number of pages since this will be a double-sided booklet.

Insert your text and any images for the front cover inside of the box on the right hand side. Leave the left hand side blank, a solid color, or add additional content that you want to appear when someone opens the CD case.

Continue filling the other pages of your booklet boxes with content. For instance, some music artists like to add information about themselves or the lyrics for songs in the booklet.

Print the file on glossy stock paper. Make sure your printer is set to print the file double-sided. Place each page on a cutting board or other clean surface that you don't mind cutting.

Place a ruler or other straight-edged item along the edges of the boxes and use an Xacto cutting knife (a small cutting knife used for craft and design projects) to cut out the content of the booklet.

Collate the pages of the booklet so that each page is in the correct order and fold them in half. Use a long stapler to secure the pages together. Slide the booklet into your case.

Items you will need

  • Glossy paper (make sure it's compatible with your printer)

  • Xacto knife

  • Ruler

  • Long stapler


If you purchase CD paper it may come with template software to make this task even simpler.

Print the first two pages first to make sure the front and back side of each printed booklet sheet lines up. If not, just move one of the content boxes over a bit in your file to make the front and back side line up correctly when printed.