How to Print a Booklet in Word 2007

By Joanne Mendes

Updated February 10, 2017

Microsoft Word 2007 has a booklet option that lets you to create a booklet from a new or existing document. Once the document is completed, access the booklet option to quickly format your document into an even-numbered fold-over style booklet. When you print the booklet, manage your printer settings to ensure your booklet prints in a format you can use to distribute and share.

Open the document in Microsoft Word 2007. Either double-click it in an open window, or select the document from "File," and then "Open."

Click the “Page Layout” tab on the main menu ribbon.

Set the margins. The default margins in Word are set at 1 inch. Cut these margins back to at least 0.5 inches for the top and bottom of the booklet as well as the inside and outside margins. Define a gutter margin of 0.25 inches to enable the booklet's fold.

Select “Book Fold” from the drop-down menu in the Pages section. This sets the document in landscape orientation with two pages of the booklet printing per page. Select the number of pages that are in the booklet from the “Sheets per booklet” drop-down menu -- these options are in multiples of four as you print two pages on each side of your paper. Alternately, select the option for all pages or automatic setting. Press the "OK" button to save your setup.

Open the document in Word. Select the "Microsoft Office" button, and then "Print."

Press "OK" if your printer is capable of printing on both sides at once.

Select "Manual duplex" if your printer prints only one side at a time, and then press "OK." When the page prints, feed it back to the printer and then press "OK" to print the opposite side.


Feed the paper back to your printer in the correct orientation, so that the booklet prints facing the right direction. A test run for the booklet helps work out any printer issues.